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Check my qualifications, competence, authoritativeness, trustworthiness as the expert of Online Marketing and search engine optimization.

My short bio

My name is Nikolaj Antonov and I live in Sweden.

Google has recognized me as the certified expert in Online Marketing, meaning that I've passed multiple assessments that assess my knowledge of expertise. I'm qualified to help you for grow your business in the web with using the this knowledge.

In addition to being an expert in the above professional activities, I am also the expert of technical SEO and of linked data. Also I am the responsive websites developer and amp developer. My ORCID identifier is 0000-0001-9412-3017.

Previously I lived in Latvia. For about 20 years I had business in Latvia and in Russia. I also had business interests in Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. My business was connected with tourism, transport, logistics, hotels, restaurants. Therefore, I am fairly familiar with these sectors of the economy and their specific characteristics. Since 1995, I self-created websites for my business. In 2007, I with my family moved to Sweden.

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