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Check my qualifications, competence, authoritativeness, trustworthiness as the expert of Online Marketing and search engine optimization.

About me

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Google has recognized me as the certified expert in Online Marketing, meaning that I've passed multiple assessments that assess my knowledge of expertise, and I am able to carry out expertise for digital marketing. I am qualified to help you for grow your business in the web with using the this knowledge. My ORCID is 0000-0001-9412-3017. My certificate

My specialization

Check out my specialized knowledge and areas in which I can dive deeply into your website content for optimization purposes.

Website content

I have researched in some detail Google's recommendation for creating high-level content, including the requirements for content with high-level trustworthiness. Therefore, I am capable of expert review the content of websites and suggesting ways to improve the reliability of the content. This can be important for websites with content that has potential danger to the life, health, and money of users. Read more about My help.

Structured data

I have been studying structured data since the inception of Schema as a vocabulary for structured data. In addition, I have deeply studied Google's structured data policy, including all Google requirements for structured data, and all types of structured data that Google supports. Hence, I can give a expert review on structured data representing entities of your website content and ways to increase the relevance of your structured data. Structured data is used for rich snippets of Google, for voice search and this data is used by the API Google Knowledge Graph. In this way, relevant structured data can increase the online visibility of the entities of your website's content, and this in turn can increase the traffic of targeted users who are converting to a large extent into customers.

UXD and performance

Also, I am able to provide you with expert review on UXD and website performance and provide you with methods for optimizing UXD and performance. With over 50% of web traffic currently coming from mobile devices, this can be important for your website's search results. Also, UXD and performance can have an impact on the height of a website's position in Google search results, because these indicators are a signal of Google's search rank.


I am the local guider to Google maps and I can help to localize the entities of your business, e.g., an office and departments, a store, products or services, separate objects of business. I will help your business create a localization that will be available simultaneously in Google maps, in the business profile panel, in voice search, and in search results. Simply put, I will help your business meet users in their "near me" search.


I am available for online communication by the agency email and by my private email

My short bio

Previously I lived in Latvia. For about 20 years I had business in Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. My business was connected with tourism, transport, logistics, hotels, restaurants. Therefore, I am fairly familiar with these sectors of the economy and their specific characteristics. Since 1995, I self-created websites for my business. In 2007, I with my family moved to Sweden.

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