Structured data creation for a Food Establishment

How to structured data create for a Food Establishment?

The way to structured data creating for your Food Establishment, for online booking, and for an online menu with examples.

Some statistics about restaurants

The research of Google informs us:

Overall restaurant-related searches have grown by double digits in the past 2 years.

Google Data Jan. - June 2017 vs. Jan. - June 2015. U.S.

1 in 2 smartphone owners used their phone to choose where to eat in the last four weeks - Jun. 2015 Google/Galaxy.

Jun. 2015 Google/Galaxy.

we've seen over 55% growth in mobile searches for "menus" over the past two years.

Google Data, U.S., Jan.–June 2015 vs. Jan.–June 2017.

People plan their visit to the restaurant on the web. Using structured data you can help users find a menu or a specific dish that they need, and understand the features and amenities of your restaurant. This way you will attract the target audience to your food business.

Define the specific type of food establishment

Google clearly states in its guide Follow the structured data guidelines:

The more recommended properties that you provide, the higher quality the result is to users.

Choose the type of structured data that best suits your business:

  • Bakery
  • BarOrPub
  • Brewery
  • CafeOrCoffeeShop
  • FastFoodRestaurant
  • IceCreamShop
  • Restaurant
  • Winery
  • Distillery

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