Creating content and data for local business

How to create create high-level trustworthiness content and structured data for local business?

The way to create high-level trustworthiness content and structured data for local business with examples.

You can listen to all the content except for the example of structured data.

Introduction to structured data for local business

Google has the results of research that report: "50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, and 34% who searched on computer/tablet did the same. 18% of these searches will lead to a purchase within the same period of time". Blurring between online and offline trading means that local business must maintain the strong presence of their store on the web. If the potential customers of your business are located in the same area as your business, then you need to optimize the website so that these customers can find your business offline. You need to attract the attention of target users to the main specialization of your business, e.g. to a car spare parts store, and to the specific goods and services that you offer. In this to your business can help a relevant structured data.

Define the type which is most suitable for your business

The type LocalBusiness has supported by Google and here recommends the use of most specific types to clarify the type of activity of your business. A more specific type of definition for your business can help in attracting your target users to your local business. And these users are more likely to be converted into your customers.

Note that some sub-types, in turn, can also have their sub-types. Searching for car repairs will have other users than for car washing.

The type Store currently has are 30 sub-types that you can check yourself. For more information about the type Food Establishment, please see my article Structured data to a Food Establishment.

Create a localization of your business

Google requires the use of the following properties for this type:

  • @id - Globally unique ID of the specific business location in the form of a URL
  • name- Business name
  • address with embed markup for the type PostalAddress - these properties and the type will create the possibility to its localization:
    • streetAddress
    • addressLocality
    • addressRegion
    • postalCode
    • addressCountry

To localize your business, it may also be useful to apply the following properties: geo with the embed type GeoCoordinates.

  • geo.latitude
  • geo.longitude

Also for localization, it can be useful to use the property areaServed. With this property it can be useful to use the following types as embed:

  • AdministrativeArea
  • GeoShape
  • Place

Create identifiers of your business

Create a web page, e.g. such as About Us or Contact, with identifiers of legal information of your business, e.g., a registration number of your business and a name of the registration institute of your country - Companies House for Great Britain or Bolagsverket for Sweden. Also, you can set the following properties in structured data:

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