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Digital marketing agency NikAnt Webkonsult AB (abbreviation NikAnt or NA) will help increase the visibility of your website in the search results of content entities, using Digital Marketing and search engine optimization as the basis.

My name is Nikolajs Antonovs and I am the founder of this agency and the only one permanent employee. Also, I am the authorized expert of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

My help

Quite often, the content of websites does not fully represent the business behind them. The cause of the low search rank and low online visibility of content entities problem may have to do with the level of reliability of the content and/or technical problems of the website. Not always do owners of businesses, which is presented in the content, have the time to explore the problems of search engine optimization and ways to solve these problems. I can help your business troubleshoot issues that are preventing the full online presentation of your business and the products or services your business offers. Among other things, I can help you create high trustworthiness content. Such content is especially important for websites that have a potential risk to the life and health of users. Such websites are defined by Google as Your Money Or Your Life - YMYL, and Google has increased requirements for the content of such websites. This category may include websites representing:

To promote a local business, I offer my knowledge and experience in localization as the local guider to Google maps. Read more about my specialization in local SEO.

I am available for online contact by email of the agency and by my private email

Your start

1. Select the service or services that I offer, or indicate your priority service that you want to receive. If your small business is dependent on online traffic, you may be interested in checking my offer for small businesses in the European Union including extra help. If you are planning a startup to work in the online space, then it makes sense to check my offer for startups.

2. Send me an email with an official request for my assistance and indicate the legal name of your organization, the URL of your website, and the full name and job title of the person in charge of contacting me.

3. Indicate in your message in detail the purpose that you want to receive from my help.

4. The info might also be helpful:

Upon receipt of your formal request, I will draw up a business proposal for you based on your website review and I will send you.

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NikAnt Webkonsult AB
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Private Aktiebolag
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Swedish Companies Registration Office Bolagsverket
7030 - Management consultancy activities
541613 - Marketing Consulting Services
Nikolajs Antonovs

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English, Swedish, Ukrainian
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Bergsgränd 5
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SE-732 45

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