The services of NikAnt Webkonsult

The services provided by the marketing agency NikAnt Webkonsult.

The services of SEO

Full cycle services

  • Creation website from scratch

  • Search engine optimization

  • Digital marketing

  • Management of website

Not less than 50.000 SEK per month.

The specific services

  • SEO technical audit of your website

  • Web solutions

  • Optimization of content to meet the requirements of search engines

  • Optimization a information to knowledge panel

  • Internet branding

  • Optimization a metadata

  • Optimization to posts to social media

  • Performance optimization

  • Local search engine optimisation

  • Linked Data with using structured data

  • Optimization for accessibility of users with disabilities using WAI-ARIA

  • Search engine optimization for voice

  • Monitoring of user activities on the website

The standard rate per hour is 600 SEK but not less than 6000 SEK per month.

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